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In January 2020, I shared the story of Abhinav Goswami, who decided to bring to America the gifts of ancient India — extraordinary health, ethical A2 dairy products, Vedic education and more. His dream is to build or facilitate 108 Gaushalas all over the world. …

Daily positivity rate stands at 13.02% as country crosses 462,000 mark in total cases

Bangladesh has registered 29 deaths from Covid-19 in the 24 hours to Sunday morning. With the latest development, the total number of deaths reached 6,609 in the country.

The country also logged a total of 462,407…

The Lehigh Valley surpassed 20,000 total coronavirus cases on Saturday as more than 8,000 new cases were reported across Pennsylvania.

Statewide, cases of COVID-19 now total 351,667 since the pandemic was detected here in March. The statewide death toll rose to 10,275 as 41 more residents died from coronavirus-related illness.

The United States recorded more than 100,000 new coronavirus infections in a single day for the first time on Wednesday as the nation waited to learn the results of a presidential election carried out in the shadow of a pandemic.

Here are some significant developments:

For critics of President Donald Trump, it’s comforting to believe in the “Free, Melania” narrative, which holds that first lady Melania Trump also despises him and will soon humiliate him by filing for divorce, now that he has lost the election.

WASHINGTON, DC — AUGUST 27: U.S. President Donald Trump…
A situação anômala que os Estados Unidos atravessam desde as eleições de 3 de novembro, em decorrência da recusa do presidente Donald Trump em reconhecer sua derrota, se acentua a cada dia, à medida que novos recordes são registrados na crise do coronavírus. “Estamos caminhando para um inverno sombrio, as…

Dissident and Nobel Peace Prize beneficiary Malala Yousafzai will practically address UF

Women’s rights activist and youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai will speak to UF virtually on Nov. 18.Accent Speakers Bureau, a UF Student Government agency, will host the hour-long event over Zoom. The event will be a…


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